What is BEC to me?

Hai everyone, we meet again on Friday English and the topic is What is BEC to you? Regarding to the topic, I think I need a flashback and remember how I meet BEC for the first time. Here is the story!

Once upon a time, there was a pretty girl who lost her desire to write on her blog, she was anxious, hesitate, and slumped seeing no progress on her blog. She didn’t know what to do with her blog, the only thing she knew was stop writing. Suddenly, when she enjoyed blog-walking on IHB blog, she saw a name of its member http://jnynita.com/. She clicked that blog and saw a post about BEC. It such finding water in the middle of dessert. She read the post carefully and find her spirit back. She sent an email to mba Nita, and suddenly her number was invited to WA Chat group until now.

That is a brief story how I meet BEC hehe. Now, I really enjoy the presence of BEC in my life. I feel that BEC is not only community but also new virtual friend #eaaaa because we haven’t met each other yet. Even though, I didn’t join chit chat group due to my cellphone error. Virtually, by joining chit chat group I able to  know other members deeper. Sadly, my phone doesn’t work well. I try to be active in learning group as long as I can.

Honestly, admins was very helpful by mentioning what points are about to write because I am confused what to write. Let’s get started:

  • The Effect

The most noticeable effect of BEC is an improvement of my writing spirit. As I told you before, I lost my spirit to write on blog but suddenly it is back. In advance, I used to be confused what to write because I don’t write for specific purpose such as Mba Nita said “Niche blog”, so I write my post randomly and sometimes “Ga jebo” hahaha. Pardon me!

Besides, I can improve my writing especially in English. I am mindful that my English is bad, that why I joined BEC.The mentors help me a lot to revise my post and my chat. Hopefully, I never forget what they have taught me.

Furthermore, I met many talented bloggers. They wrote the post nicely, neatly, and interesting to read. I got a lot information from  them, even I learn how to be good blogger. They wrote some tips how to blog that I didn’t know before #kudet

  • My wish

I wish BEC can be a better community which provide a place to share, to learn, to connect, to be fun for those who eager to learn English. May be someday, wen can make charity even related to BEC objective for instance : teaching English for the poor.  I hope BEC can give many benefits for others. Amin

I think, it is enough for me. I say thank you for admins who allow me to join BEC and the mentor for teaching me a lot of knowledge. I love you BEC…

Thanks for reading.