EF #7 : Best Friend & Merapi Mountain

Hai everyone, how are you? I miss my blog and blogs I follow. I have been busy with the real life lately. My phone was broken and my laptop was lost. Perfect mate hehe. Still, thanks God You gives me a chance to update my blog even though I borrowed my aunt’s laptop. Actually, I am typing my invitation list right now but I realize that I haven’t written 7th BEC challenge yet. I do apologize, I missed 6th challenge and missed update info from other bloggers. I checked BEC blog and the theme was Snap and tell a story. This theme quite easy to write but in fact no photo to share. Then, I took a photo from my Facebook :G.

Merapi Mountain Yogyakarta

Well, this photo was taken in the middle of our way to Merapi mountain in Kali adem Yogyakarta last year. I went to Yogya with my best friend Titan whose boyfriend is Antho like mine. So, we went with double Antho. We spent 5 days in Yogya, we visited some famous tourism areas such as Parangtritis beach, Kukup beach, Borobudur Temple, Malioboro and Merapi mountain. The journey to Merapi mountain was beyond our imagination, it was amazing and exciting for me. We did lava tour by riding a hard top and the journey was impressed. It is cool tour for those who want to test your adrenaline. Poorly I forgot to Google how was Merapi area looked like then I wore the wrong clothes. It’s okay, I enjoyed the experience of Lava Tour very much.

Back to the photo, I like this photo because we made a joke. My boyfriend took hold of Titan’s boyfriend hand hahaha. I like the panorama, in front of us was Merapi mountain. We stood on the bridge which used to be river but now its only the rest of solidified lava and became sand. I love mountain but I hate go hiking.

This post is submitted for 7th BEC challenge : https://englishfriday.wordpress.com/2015/02/16/ef7-weekly-challenge-snap-and-tell-a-story/

PS: I found difficulties to justify the alignment and insert the link 😦 . I can’t find such buttons


15 thoughts on “EF #7 : Best Friend & Merapi Mountain

  1. Egi,

    How’s your wedding preparation going? Hope that everything is a bit under control after the incident. We are in the same boat! I haven’t done anything on my blog for 2 weeks already. Real life is taking over 😁
    You did good by still submitting the challenge. I am proud of you!

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